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Why I love my kitty! [Zeva]

• Her Meow.
• When she tilts her head.
• When she jumps super high to catch a treat.
• When she hides frome me.
• When she runs around like a crazy maniac.
• When her eyes turn huge.
• Her love of boxes.
• When she sleeps on my lap.
• When she sleeps on my neck.
• When she stands in front of the bathroom door after my shower, waiting on me.
• Her love of snack treats.
(One time she got her Friskies* snack out of the kitchen closet and tore open the bag to get the treats. I come home to find her treats everywhere. Haha!)
• When she meows at the back door till I come back inside.
• Her little belly.
• Her softness.
• When she hides behind something and peeks her head over so I can only see one eye.
• When she scratches her catnip scratcher. (It is so hilarious!)
• Her love of plastic bags.
• When the instant you put a piece of paper on the ground she comes over and sits on it then sleeps. (Try doing homework!! Haha!)
• When she sits on top of my schoolwork while I’m in the middle of it.
• When she’s sleeping you can do whatever you want to her and she doesn’t wake up.
• Her love of foil.
• Her love of candy trash. (I bet she has a stash of candy wrappers somewhere!!)
• How she loves to jump onto very tall places.
• How she can crawl into very tiny places.
• Her love of scarfs.
• When she puts her paw on my hand and brings it to her.
• I love how she is very unique.
• She’s the perfect cat for me.
• I love when she purrs just because I walk next to her.
• When she touches her nose on my nose.
• When she licks my hand when I pet her.
• Whenever I play my guitar she comes up next to me and listens then soon she’ll fall asleep.
• No matter how high the object, chair, table, etc, is Zeva will jump onto it just to look out the window.
• When she licks between her toes! (It’s so hilarious!)
• Every morning I wake up she’s right there next to me looking out the window.
• She will put one piece of cat food in her water bowl and play with it. (Water gets EVERYWHERE!)
•When she sticks her head under the fridge. 🙂



The one who gave you breath

The one who gave you breath is The Almighty God. He gave you breath, a heartbeat, a house, clothes, food, water, family, friends, life, Internet to put this on WordPress, phone/iPod/tablet to write out your stories for WordPress; He gave you so many things! We need to thank him today! Right now! I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ. He died on the cross for our sins so that we may go to Heaven when we die! This year I’m making a difference in my life and living for God more than I ever have before! Because He gave me life!
Who will join me? Will you pray and thank God for what He’s done for you? He gave you clothes to wear and food to eat and family to love. So thank Him right now! 😀
John 3:16
“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

My life :-)

That day was exciting. I waited for my mom to pick me up that day so I could finally go home. When I got home I saw you sleeping on the couch. 🙂 It made me smile. I changed into comfy clothes and I went to find my cat. I then went back in my room. To find that you were awake. You threw my blanket at my face and I put it on my bed and it smelled like you. I just dropped my face into the blanket and closed my eyes. Contentment.. Security…. Safe… That’s what I felt. 🙂 I haven’t felt that in a long time, it really made me happy.
I heard you in my brothers room playing video games. I kept trying to think of an excuse so I could go in there… but I had none. I could hear you laughing and I knew you were smiling. So then I couldn’t help but smile too.
After Angelina left then we went to the mall. Books-A-Million is fun but being in there for over and hour isn’t that exciting. I looked around everywhere in that store. Then I went into DEB for like 5 minutes. I don’t really care for that store. I’m not a big fan of the mall. I absolutely hate those inappropriate stores like Hot Topic, Spencer’s, Nirvana, and junk like that. It’s a waste of time. So the only store I ever go in is Books-A-Million. I was nervous when I saw you. I was extremely happy, just nervous, sorta scared. I guess I just forgot what all we used to be and I was then ready to throw it all away. I’m glad I never gave up yet. I’m glad I’m still trying. I’m sorry I ever doubting us. It’s still hard of course and it will be probably for a while. But I can’t stop trying. I’ve got to get through this. I know I can!
I know you said you want me happy. Chris does make me happy. I’ll admit it. But not in the same way you make me happy. He’s a really good close friend to me. I’m not ready to date him or anybody for that matter. I’m going to wait and when God says that I’m ready to date a guy, I will. But until then, I’m just staying friends with him. He’s really sweet. And he gave me a beautiful butterfly necklace. (Which I’m gonna give back go him.) So for now he’s a just a really good friend.
Oh yeah, did you draw a smiley face on my closet door? I’ve never noticed it before so I figured you did it. It is something you would do. Haha

I Miss You- Poem

I miss you.
I miss our talks.
I especialy miss the stories you’d tell about your work.
Even though times are rough, sometimes I feel stuck.
It was hard to let you go, but I have to let you know.
I miss you.

I love you.
I loved our talks.
I love when we’d go on our long walks.
Even though times get tough and maybe you feel stuck.
I don’t have a way to let you know but only to say
I love you.

I think about you.
I think about our talks.
I think about you, you’re only in my thoughts.
Even though these times are dumb, and we feel stuck.
We have to give God our trust.
I think about you.

I pray about us.
I pray about you.
I pray about us and you still have my trust.
Even though times are hard, and we have to stay stuck.
You will never loose my love.
I pray about us

More trials….

You know, I write a lot about trials. Mostly because I’m in a trial right now. But something we have to remember is that, no matter what, we really are never alone. If you’re saved and you’re a Christian, then you will NEVER be alone. I know it can feel like that sometimes. Questioning God why He has us go through things that seem to much for us to handle or bear. He will honestly, NEVER leave us nor forsake us. He loves us with such an amazing love that no matter what, even if we do things we shouldn’t, he has such mercy on us to still love us. That’s something that is truly amazing. I feel so blessed to have God. Because some days we do feel worthless. We do feel like we can’t do anything and just want to give up because our day is going horrible. We sometimes do end up crying in the night and just giving our burdens to God to just take care of it, cause it can get to heavy for us to carry.
Just like Job, in the Bible. Job didn’t give up. And God never betrayed him. Job lost everything; he lost all his possessions, his children and his wealth. All he had was his wife and himself. Job easily could of said, “Okay, LORD, I give up! You took everything from me, what’s the point in serving you?!” Job COULD OF said that, but he didn’t! (Praise the LORD!) I bet that’s how most of us would be if God was to take everything away from us.
In my own personal life there was something that happened that made me feel like I lost everything. I felt like God betrayed me. I felt powerless, I was worthless. I made a certain number one priority in my life on the top of my list, when it should of been God. Then when God took em away, I was angry. I hated everything and everybody. I was tired of living. I didn’t see a point, because I honestly thought I had no one. Because I felt like God wasn’t in my life as well as another person. So I gave up. But then I realized… It isn’t about having your number one priority a person. The number one priority in your life should be God. And I now realize that. I wish I would of made God my #1 priority before, because if I did I wouldn’t be in this situation now… :/
Yes, life will get hard sometimes. Yes, you may feel like God has betrayed you. But trust me, He hasn’t. And He never will! God only allows us to go through these trials to prove what he already knows about us so that we can become even stronger in our service to Him. Because He is our helper, why are we trying to fix our problems without Him? Let me tell you, it’s hard. And it’s almost impossible.
Please remember, you’re not alone! God will never leave you. And when you feel like you are betrayed by God. Just pray to Him, ask Him to help you. Get to a Baptist church and put yourself around God’s people.

Dear God- July 11, 2013

July 11, 2013
Dear God,

Thank you, God, for showing me this wonderful reading in the Bible today! You truly are the love of my life. Forever and always will you be in my heart! I love you so much, Lord. Thank you for bringing me life today. You again have opened my eyes into something new! It’s so amazing to read your Word, knowing that what I just read came from you. You gave me this today. So want to thank you so much!

I prayed to God this morning, as I was feeling read down and sad all morning. My day hasn’t gone too good so far.
First, I woke up and it was real early in the morning like 5-ish AM. It’s super hot one second, and then super cold the next. So I cover up with my blankets but then take them off again, constantly. Then I wake up cause I hear noises in the bathroom. Like in shower, but no water was running. It sounded like shampoo bottles falling on the ground. In the middle of the night!! So I figured that maybe it was my brother or something. So I eventually fall asleep again. I wake up again, and its like 6:00-6:30 AM. And my dad gets ready to leave and that’s when my kitten gets up and she’s running around wanting to play. And then I see that she has to go to the bathroom. Her litter box is in the bathroom, so I get up to take her. And I see a sign on the door says, ‘There’s a mouse trap in here, keep the door closed.” But I know I have to go in there to let my kitty go potty. So I go in there, and I see the mouse run behind the sink. And then there’s a mouse trap right next to my kittens litter box! I don’t know why somebody had to put the trap right there. If Zeva (my kitten) gets a hold of that trap, it could easily break her paw. Thankfully, she didn’t touch it. I wanted her to hurry up as fast as possible, I did NOT want that creepy mouse near my toes or me at all!! So after she’s done, I grab her real fast and out I go from the bathroom. I set her on my bed and she runs off into the living room. Which is good for me because I’d really like to get some sleep. I don’t end up getting much sleep because she comes back. She always feels playful when it becomes 6 or 6:30 in the Morning. It’s insane. So I try to go to sleep, but I cant get comfortable. So i just lie there. And every so often I hear my kitten getting into something. Like on my brothers side of the room. Getting herself into some trouble. She is one stubborn little kitty. When I finally fall asleep, I wake up cause of some stupid bird outside that wont be quiet. I end up just giving up on sleep and I go into the living room and to get something to eat. After a while, I go on my laptop to play some games and to write. And I end up reading my Bible. I remember from yesterday that my grandma gave me some of my cupcakes that I made and she put them in my purse. Feeling happy that I had some cupcakes, I go to my purse and grab them. I open the bag and take a big bite out of my chocolatey peanut-buttery yumminess. And I set the bag down next to me and after I finish the cupcake I put the cupcake liner on top of the bag. And I continue writing and reading my Bible. After I’m done writing on my laptop and I look over at my kitten. I see that she had the bag of cupcakes and she had the cupcake liner in her mouth. I grab her gently and I put my finger in her mouth to try to get the cupcake liner she just took a bite out of. But I failed because she ended up swallowing it… crazy cat. :/
After the crazy incident with my crazy cat, I started thinking about me and my life. I began to think about how I wasn’t able to do anything today, cause my mom doesn’t have to go into town today. And I was feeling quite bored and lonely. I started to think about one of my best friends and how she now has a boyfriend and I don’t really get to hang out with her that much anymore. And then I thought about one of my other best friends. His name is Jesse. And I thought about how I missed him. And that I can’t ever see him that much and actually have time to be with him and hang out with him because he’s a guy and my mom doesn’t want me to hang out with guys. Because we both like each other. I’m allowed to date right now, but since he’s ‘too old’ I can’t date him. He’s only 3 years older than I am! I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, but to my parent’s it is. So I can’t date him…..yet. 😉
So anyways, I started to think about many other things as well and I began to pray. I prayed to God, asking him to help me to have strength. Because I know if he wants me to be with this guy, Jesse, then It’ll happen sometime in the future when the time is right. He gave me comfort. And I asked him to give me somemthing out of the Bible today. because I’ve been feeling so down and sad lately. And I don’t know exactly why. I don’t have any reason, I just don’t feel like doing any thing anymore. I don’t know why though. So I asked God to help me. And I opened up my Bible and out comes 3 cards that I need to mail out. So I put them aside and I see half a chapter that’s highlighted. So I read them, and their from;
Ecclesiastes 3. I read the whole chapter. The number one verse that spoke out to me is verse one;
“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”
This is EXACTLY what I needed. And PRAISE THE LORD He gave it to me! 🙂 I love Him, He is absouly amazing to me. I continued reading on down through the whole chapter. And every verse was like calling out to me. It helped me open my eyes to see that there really is a purpose for everything. And if my parents don’t want me and Jesse to date right now, then so be it. But if God wants us to be together, then it’ll happen sometime in the future. I just need to be patient. And patience is so very hard. I mean we live in a day and age to where if we don’t get our food fast enough from the fast food drive though, then we just leave and go to a different place. So I alsso need to learn to have some patience. You should read Ecclesiastes 3. It is an amazing chapter. It spoke to me, I’m sure it’ll speak to you! 🙂

Thank you, Lord. I love you!
-Chelsey! ❤


Love is the greatest feeling.
Love is like a play.
Love is what I feel for you, each and everyday.
Love is like a smile.
Love is like a song.
Love is a great emotion, that keeps us going strong.
I love you with my heart, my soul, and strength.
I might be shy, but I cant help but think, this is who we were ment to be.
Me and You for eternity!

The World- To Chasity

The World_

The world holds so many priceless things.
The falling rain.
The wind that sings.
An oysters’ pearl.
Chasitys’ angel wings.
The world can be dreary and sad.
With storms up above and the lightning that flashed.
The Darkest nights.
The moon lit bright.
And stars that shine.
The world can be Beautiful and Happy.
The rainbows of colors.
The friendship of love.
And so pretty as a dove.
The world can be lonley and cold.
With ice storms so bold.
And no one to hold.
The world….
So many priceless things.