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The one who gave you breath

The one who gave you breath is The Almighty God. He gave you breath, a heartbeat, a house, clothes, food, water, family, friends, life, Internet to put this on WordPress, phone/iPod/tablet to write out your stories for WordPress; He gave you so many things! We need to thank him today! Right now! I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ. He died on the cross for our sins so that we may go to Heaven when we die! This year I’m making a difference in my life and living for God more than I ever have before! Because He gave me life!
Who will join me? Will you pray and thank God for what He’s done for you? He gave you clothes to wear and food to eat and family to love. So thank Him right now! 😀
John 3:16
“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.”


My eyesight :)

I know in Gods Word it says that all things work together for good to them that love God. But what good could come out of not being able to see? I’m practically blind without my glasses. I don’t understand. I’ve been wearing glasses for over 4 years and my eyesight just keeps getting worse. :/ What good could that be… ? :/

Abraham Lincoln


Abraham Lincoln

“I know there is a God, and that He hates the injustice of slavery. I see the storm coming, and I know that His hand is in it. If He has a place and a work for me, and. I think He has, I believe I am ready. I am nothing, but truth is everything. I know I am right, because I know that liberty is right, for Christ teaches it, and Christ is God.” -Abraham Lincoln

Comfort =)

Comfort =)

♫ He knows my name. Every step that I take. Every move that I make. Every tear that I cry. ♫

Jesus Is Coming Back Soon!!

Today on Teen visitation I got to give the whole plan of salvation to this one girl. At first she said that she wasn’t sure she’d go to heaven. But then after I went through the whole plan of salvation she said that she already got saved before.
I think about all that’s happening in the world; The whole thing with Syria, Israel, President Obama, and so many other things. I think about the Book of Revelation. And how God talks about the End Times. And many things will come about before Christ comes back. In my own personal opinion I believe Christ is coming very, very soon. I believe that every second inches it’s way to Christ coming. To hear that trumpet sound and then everyone will see. It makes me want to give the gospel out even more because I think about Hell. And yes, Hell is a real place! A place of gnashing teeth, burning dark fire, and quenched thirst. Hell is a place I want no one to go too. No, I’ve never been there and I never will be. I’ve been saved my Jesus’ blood on the cross for mine and your sins! I want everybody to go to Heaven. I know not everybody accepts God, religion, Christianity, Jesus, and church. But actually believing in Jesus Christ is the best feeling in the world! I got saved when I was 10 years old. It was the best decision I EVER made in my life. Jesus is coming back soon. And if you’re not saved, if you don’t know Jesus as your savior, then you honestly need to get that right!! If you have any questions, thoughts, concerns, or anything about Christianity, Jesus, salvation. Write it to me, comment on this text that I wrote. I want to help you in any way possible. If you don’t know Jesus as your personal savior then let me help you! Just as I was trying to help this girl with her salvation and she did not accept, all I can do is hope and pray that she did accept Jesus as her savior before I came to her. I hope you, whoever is reading this, is saved and on their way to heaven. If you have ANY doubts, let me help you in a way that will show you what you need to get to Heaven! 🙂

More trials….

You know, I write a lot about trials. Mostly because I’m in a trial right now. But something we have to remember is that, no matter what, we really are never alone. If you’re saved and you’re a Christian, then you will NEVER be alone. I know it can feel like that sometimes. Questioning God why He has us go through things that seem to much for us to handle or bear. He will honestly, NEVER leave us nor forsake us. He loves us with such an amazing love that no matter what, even if we do things we shouldn’t, he has such mercy on us to still love us. That’s something that is truly amazing. I feel so blessed to have God. Because some days we do feel worthless. We do feel like we can’t do anything and just want to give up because our day is going horrible. We sometimes do end up crying in the night and just giving our burdens to God to just take care of it, cause it can get to heavy for us to carry.
Just like Job, in the Bible. Job didn’t give up. And God never betrayed him. Job lost everything; he lost all his possessions, his children and his wealth. All he had was his wife and himself. Job easily could of said, “Okay, LORD, I give up! You took everything from me, what’s the point in serving you?!” Job COULD OF said that, but he didn’t! (Praise the LORD!) I bet that’s how most of us would be if God was to take everything away from us.
In my own personal life there was something that happened that made me feel like I lost everything. I felt like God betrayed me. I felt powerless, I was worthless. I made a certain number one priority in my life on the top of my list, when it should of been God. Then when God took em away, I was angry. I hated everything and everybody. I was tired of living. I didn’t see a point, because I honestly thought I had no one. Because I felt like God wasn’t in my life as well as another person. So I gave up. But then I realized… It isn’t about having your number one priority a person. The number one priority in your life should be God. And I now realize that. I wish I would of made God my #1 priority before, because if I did I wouldn’t be in this situation now… :/
Yes, life will get hard sometimes. Yes, you may feel like God has betrayed you. But trust me, He hasn’t. And He never will! God only allows us to go through these trials to prove what he already knows about us so that we can become even stronger in our service to Him. Because He is our helper, why are we trying to fix our problems without Him? Let me tell you, it’s hard. And it’s almost impossible.
Please remember, you’re not alone! God will never leave you. And when you feel like you are betrayed by God. Just pray to Him, ask Him to help you. Get to a Baptist church and put yourself around God’s people.

You’re Not Alone; Poem (9-8-13)

You’re not alone.
When you’re scared
When you’re lost.
When you feel like no one cares
You’re not alone.

When your worried.
When you’re in fear.
When you have no body near.
You’re not alone.

When you’re in a mess.
When you feel worthless
When you just want to stay home.
You’re not alone.

Don’t be melancholy.
Jesus is there, so don’t give up.
You will see when the trial is over.
Jesus is the only cure.

When you’re climbing the mountain
When the storm is strong.
When you feel like you don’t belong.
You’re not alone.

I’ve been where you are.
I know how you feel.
I’ve cried in the night.
Longing for the morning light.
I pray to see this storm break free from this dark and evil fight.
But the only way to get loose is from Jesus Christ.

So remember…
You’re not alone.

Beginning and inspirational journey in Mexico!

Beginning an inspirational journey as missionaries in Mexico;

This is an encouraging, true story that I read about in a book at my church school. So I wrote about them and what all they had to go through. It’s very encouraging. I hope you like it.

You may wonder, “What do missionaries even do?” Well and aquiline man named, John Beekman, stands as an example, an inspiration and a challenge!
John Beekman went to Moody Bible Institute. Where he later met Elaine Hummel. Since they both went to Moody Bible Institute, on Sundays they both went to their respective Christian work assignments and Moody Memorial Church. In 1943 was the date he was accepted by Moody Bible Institute. On Valentines day, 1946, John arrived at Elaine’s’ apartment with a corsage of violets and a dinner. Later that night John proposed to Elaine and they got engaged. They planned on August 8, that Thursday evening, to get married at Elaine’s home church.
In 1947, the Beekman’s began their inspirational journey as Missionaries in Mexico. Mrs. Beekman’s life verse was, Proverbs 3:5,6. “Trust In the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.”
They trusted God and knew God would take care of them. Things kept coming their way, but they kept trusting God and He kept blessing them!
On January 8th, the Beekaman’s learned that Elaine was pregnant! Their first child together and they were excited! On a hot, Monday afternoon in July, fair-haired Sharon arrived. There was one problem though.
Elaine’s blood was RH negative and Johns blood was positive. The doctor told them that they may have complications with a second pregnancy.
The second Monday morning after her birth, Sharon began crying. John tried to get a hold of a doctor, but for some reason he couldn’t. By late afternoon poor baby Sharon was still crying. Suddenly, the baby stopped breathing. John tried to do something but it was no help. When the doctor finally arrived about 6 P.M. it was already too late. An awkward silence hung in the air. John then got Elaine and pulled her close. And they prayed. They still trusted God love and God gave them comfort. Dr. Eugene Nida, told the Beekmans, “The Chol women loose many babies. You will be able to comfort them with the testimony of this experience.”
In my personal opinion, I believe God has a purpose in every trial he sends to us. So I believe God gave them this experience so Elaine could honestly understand the Chol women and help them the best way she could. By experiencing the same situation as them.
But the Beekmans were brave and never gave up! On May 11, Judy was born. She was 6 pounds and 13 ounces. Some complications came up with the negative and positive blood, but finally, ten days after birth Dr. Baker permitted the parents to take Judy home. But would have to take her in for check-ups 3 times a week. Many prayed and prayed! And Judy was okay. She became known as the ‘Miracle Baby.’ John became a dentist, doctor, pharmacist in his village. The village was called, Amado Nervo.
John went up to a village called, La Lucha. It’s a village of escaped murderers. John always knew to just trust the Lord. And he did! John stopped at each hut and explained the way of salvation in Chol language. One man began scraping his face with a blade. Which meant, “Go or else.” But yet he continued telling him about Christ.
John kept translating the New Testament. And Elaine translated Hymns. In 1948, about 800 Chols were counted as believers. The Chol church had a rapid growth! The reason was that John trained over 100 Chol preachers who gave weekends to evangelism.
John soon began having many heart pains and had to be taken to a heart specialist as soon as possible. John’s aortic valve wasn’t functioning. And that was the problem. Which means that some of the blood after leaving your left ventricle, regurgitates -flows backwards- into your heart. John needed to have heart surgery at the age of 36! So on October 11, 1955, John had the surgery. John soon became known for his ticking heart. The ticking came from the ball rising and falling with-in the artificial valve in rhythm with John’s heart beat and the movement of life-sustaining blood in his body. Elaine then said, “As long as he’s ticking, we know he’s alive!”
John soon needed 2 more surgeries years later. To replace the artificial heart valve to a defective one.
After living in Mexico for 25 years, Elaine had a boy named Tom and another boy named Gary.
Their goal was to have the scriptures in every tribal tongue by year 2000.
But on August 10, 1980, John Beekman died from swelling of an artery near his heart. Elaine still continued to work at Wycliffe International Linguistics Center. She edits translation work for the missionaries on the field. They both were encouraging missionaries in Mexico! 🙂

Missionaries :)


I’m 16 and this wholes year I’ve had a burden for missionaries. At first I never really thought about actually being a Missionary. But I went to a youth conference with my youth group, and that week they were talking about a Missionaries. There was a Missionary there named, Bobby Bonner. And he used to be a national Baseball player. He is in Baseball history for the most innings in a game. It was a record! At his time, he was the most known baseball player. His wife was close to God, and then God just got a hold of Bobby Bonner’s life. And he gave up everything he had with baseball, and gave everything he had to God. He became a missionary to Africa. And his stories are AMAZING! He told this one story at the youth conference about when he was in Africa. He said that he went to this village and gave the Gospel out, beginning with “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.” Because that village didn’t even know the name of Jesus, they’ve never heard of Jesus before. So Bro.Bonner explained to them about God and how God created all the earth and the things in the earth and he talked about Jesus and how He died on the cross to save them. And that whole village got saved. Then as they began to sing and dance and sing some more. Another village came over wanting to know why they were singing and dancing. And they were singing and dancing cause they now knew Jesus they knew who he was and that they got saved! Then that group of people from that other village wanted to know who Jesus was. And then that whole village got saved! Then another village came and then another!! It was so amazing, to see God’s blessing s upon Bro. Bonner. He got to lead at least 4-5 villages to the LORD! 🙂 How great is that!!!
So as im listening to these stories, all week listening to preaching and singing songs. It was so amazing! God became to speak to me about being a missionary. I know i’m only 16. But God can tell you when He wants you to do something for Him, you are NEVER too old to live for Jesus! I got saved when I was 10 years old. See, I have 2 birthdays! One for my birth and the other for my second birth. My salvation! I got saved on September 17, 2007. But see, I know 100% that God wants me to be a missionary. Reading about David Livingston, David Brainerd, and Bobby Bonner, along with so many more missionaries. I know that this is God’s calling for me to do. I’m thinking about Kenya. That’s what I thought about during the message from Dave Delaney at the youth conference. I don’t know if that’s the country God wants me to go too, but if it is i’m willing! I’m willing to do and to go where ever God wants me too! And if that’s in a place where not many people know the Gospel then so be it. Or even if its a place where you can even go to jail for even carrying a Bible, then okay! I know if it’s God’s calling for me to be a missionary, then He’ll guide me and carry me through it. He wont leave me alone and say, “Okay, Chelsey, you’re on your own.” No, He wont do that to me, He will help me through this. I know I’ll most likely be married and I want to have kids. And I know that how ever God has planned for me about this, He’ll be there to help me with it.
I come home from youth conference, and I tell my mom all about it. I tell her how God spoke to me about missionaries. And how I feel it’s God’s calling for me to be one. I’ve been praying to God to show me what He wants me to do in my life, and He has now showed me! I feel so loved and excited. I can’t wait to tell my Pastor and my youth pastor about it. To tell them how God spoke to my heart about being a missionary! I cant wait to tell them!!!
But anyways, as I was telling my mom about it all, she told me this, “Thats funny you say that, cause since you were about 13 I have felt God telling me that He wants you to be a missionary.” Aint that amazing! How God was telling me about missions and He was telling my mom about it too. She said that it’s gonna be hard cause she doesn’t want me to go. Cause im her daughter. She doesn’t want me to leave. But then again, she knows it’s God’s calling for me. I told her that she doesn’t have to worry, I’ll be safe. And I wont be leaving anytime soon. 🙂 I’m so happy.
Thank you, dear LORD. You’ve showed me something so amazing. I love you, LORD! 🙂

Dear God- July 11, 2013

July 11, 2013
Dear God,

Thank you, God, for showing me this wonderful reading in the Bible today! You truly are the love of my life. Forever and always will you be in my heart! I love you so much, Lord. Thank you for bringing me life today. You again have opened my eyes into something new! It’s so amazing to read your Word, knowing that what I just read came from you. You gave me this today. So want to thank you so much!

I prayed to God this morning, as I was feeling read down and sad all morning. My day hasn’t gone too good so far.
First, I woke up and it was real early in the morning like 5-ish AM. It’s super hot one second, and then super cold the next. So I cover up with my blankets but then take them off again, constantly. Then I wake up cause I hear noises in the bathroom. Like in shower, but no water was running. It sounded like shampoo bottles falling on the ground. In the middle of the night!! So I figured that maybe it was my brother or something. So I eventually fall asleep again. I wake up again, and its like 6:00-6:30 AM. And my dad gets ready to leave and that’s when my kitten gets up and she’s running around wanting to play. And then I see that she has to go to the bathroom. Her litter box is in the bathroom, so I get up to take her. And I see a sign on the door says, ‘There’s a mouse trap in here, keep the door closed.” But I know I have to go in there to let my kitty go potty. So I go in there, and I see the mouse run behind the sink. And then there’s a mouse trap right next to my kittens litter box! I don’t know why somebody had to put the trap right there. If Zeva (my kitten) gets a hold of that trap, it could easily break her paw. Thankfully, she didn’t touch it. I wanted her to hurry up as fast as possible, I did NOT want that creepy mouse near my toes or me at all!! So after she’s done, I grab her real fast and out I go from the bathroom. I set her on my bed and she runs off into the living room. Which is good for me because I’d really like to get some sleep. I don’t end up getting much sleep because she comes back. She always feels playful when it becomes 6 or 6:30 in the Morning. It’s insane. So I try to go to sleep, but I cant get comfortable. So i just lie there. And every so often I hear my kitten getting into something. Like on my brothers side of the room. Getting herself into some trouble. She is one stubborn little kitty. When I finally fall asleep, I wake up cause of some stupid bird outside that wont be quiet. I end up just giving up on sleep and I go into the living room and to get something to eat. After a while, I go on my laptop to play some games and to write. And I end up reading my Bible. I remember from yesterday that my grandma gave me some of my cupcakes that I made and she put them in my purse. Feeling happy that I had some cupcakes, I go to my purse and grab them. I open the bag and take a big bite out of my chocolatey peanut-buttery yumminess. And I set the bag down next to me and after I finish the cupcake I put the cupcake liner on top of the bag. And I continue writing and reading my Bible. After I’m done writing on my laptop and I look over at my kitten. I see that she had the bag of cupcakes and she had the cupcake liner in her mouth. I grab her gently and I put my finger in her mouth to try to get the cupcake liner she just took a bite out of. But I failed because she ended up swallowing it… crazy cat. :/
After the crazy incident with my crazy cat, I started thinking about me and my life. I began to think about how I wasn’t able to do anything today, cause my mom doesn’t have to go into town today. And I was feeling quite bored and lonely. I started to think about one of my best friends and how she now has a boyfriend and I don’t really get to hang out with her that much anymore. And then I thought about one of my other best friends. His name is Jesse. And I thought about how I missed him. And that I can’t ever see him that much and actually have time to be with him and hang out with him because he’s a guy and my mom doesn’t want me to hang out with guys. Because we both like each other. I’m allowed to date right now, but since he’s ‘too old’ I can’t date him. He’s only 3 years older than I am! I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, but to my parent’s it is. So I can’t date him…..yet. 😉
So anyways, I started to think about many other things as well and I began to pray. I prayed to God, asking him to help me to have strength. Because I know if he wants me to be with this guy, Jesse, then It’ll happen sometime in the future when the time is right. He gave me comfort. And I asked him to give me somemthing out of the Bible today. because I’ve been feeling so down and sad lately. And I don’t know exactly why. I don’t have any reason, I just don’t feel like doing any thing anymore. I don’t know why though. So I asked God to help me. And I opened up my Bible and out comes 3 cards that I need to mail out. So I put them aside and I see half a chapter that’s highlighted. So I read them, and their from;
Ecclesiastes 3. I read the whole chapter. The number one verse that spoke out to me is verse one;
“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”
This is EXACTLY what I needed. And PRAISE THE LORD He gave it to me! 🙂 I love Him, He is absouly amazing to me. I continued reading on down through the whole chapter. And every verse was like calling out to me. It helped me open my eyes to see that there really is a purpose for everything. And if my parents don’t want me and Jesse to date right now, then so be it. But if God wants us to be together, then it’ll happen sometime in the future. I just need to be patient. And patience is so very hard. I mean we live in a day and age to where if we don’t get our food fast enough from the fast food drive though, then we just leave and go to a different place. So I alsso need to learn to have some patience. You should read Ecclesiastes 3. It is an amazing chapter. It spoke to me, I’m sure it’ll speak to you! 🙂

Thank you, Lord. I love you!
-Chelsey! ❤