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Up In The Sky

Up in the sky,
The stars shine bright,
Over your dreams
And all through the night.

Up in the sky,
The moon is lit bright,
Over your fears
All through the fight.

Up in the sky,
The shining sun is bright,
Over your day
All through out the heights.

Up in the sky,
The Lord is The Light,
Over your sorrows
And all through your life.

Up in the sky,
Jesus Christ will watch,
He guides us through
Life’s toughest parts.


32 Things About Me

I snort when I laugh.
Peach cobbler is my favorite dessert.
Ice cream is the best thing ever!
Tiger lily’s are my favorite flowers.
I love going out in the rain.
I still want white, green eyed Persian cat.
My favorite animals are panda bears, pigs and cats.
I can’t sleep with socks on.
I hate onions, but I love onion rings.
Volley ball is the only sport I like.
I absolutely love roller blading.
Reading is my favorite pass time.
I want to be a writer when I get older.
I’ve been called to be a Missionary.
My favorite song is, “The Lily of the Valley.”
I’ve won writing and poetry contests at the library.
One of my poems was published in a book.
Coconuts are soooooo good!
I used to talk in my sleep when I was a kid. (Like every night!)
The harp is my favorite instrument, I think it’s amazingly beautiful.
I play the guitar.
The Mentalist is my favorite tv show.
I love wearing long dresses.
My favorite drink is hot tea with honey. (Maybe lemon)
I hate wearing glasses.
There’s never a time my nails aren’t painted.
Gummy bears are the best candy ever!
Dark chocolate is the best kind of chocolate.
I like guys in bow ties and vests.
Target and Gordmans are my favorite stores.
I’ve been a vegetarian for over a year.
I’m homeschooled.

I Miss You- Poem

I miss you.
I miss our talks.
I especialy miss the stories you’d tell about your work.
Even though times are rough, sometimes I feel stuck.
It was hard to let you go, but I have to let you know.
I miss you.

I love you.
I loved our talks.
I love when we’d go on our long walks.
Even though times get tough and maybe you feel stuck.
I don’t have a way to let you know but only to say
I love you.

I think about you.
I think about our talks.
I think about you, you’re only in my thoughts.
Even though these times are dumb, and we feel stuck.
We have to give God our trust.
I think about you.

I pray about us.
I pray about you.
I pray about us and you still have my trust.
Even though times are hard, and we have to stay stuck.
You will never loose my love.
I pray about us

Forever for Eternity- Poem



What I love about eternity
Forever and Always- You and me
We never give up on our love.
We stay strong until the end
And we never give in.
That’s what I love about you and me

We used to say forever and always but we changed it to eternity.
Everything we should be.
Someday we will see that everything is in God’s hands.

Sometimes we feel weak.
And we can’t even stand on our two feet.
But we try and God gives us strength.
With everything that we can’t see.
This is what I love about

God loves us so much.
With His amazing love.
But we don’t know all of the cost.
And what it took for Him to bear.
That He gave His son to die on the cross.
As He hung upon the tree.
What He did was

Then it comes back to you and me.
And everything we have become.
So different but so alike.
With all the love our hearts are inside.
You’re on my mind when were apart.
How much I care for you. Just as much as you care for me.

You’re Not Alone; Poem (9-8-13)

You’re not alone.
When you’re scared
When you’re lost.
When you feel like no one cares
You’re not alone.

When your worried.
When you’re in fear.
When you have no body near.
You’re not alone.

When you’re in a mess.
When you feel worthless
When you just want to stay home.
You’re not alone.

Don’t be melancholy.
Jesus is there, so don’t give up.
You will see when the trial is over.
Jesus is the only cure.

When you’re climbing the mountain
When the storm is strong.
When you feel like you don’t belong.
You’re not alone.

I’ve been where you are.
I know how you feel.
I’ve cried in the night.
Longing for the morning light.
I pray to see this storm break free from this dark and evil fight.
But the only way to get loose is from Jesus Christ.

So remember…
You’re not alone.


Love is the greatest feeling.
Love is like a play.
Love is what I feel for you, each and everyday.
Love is like a smile.
Love is like a song.
Love is a great emotion, that keeps us going strong.
I love you with my heart, my soul, and strength.
I might be shy, but I cant help but think, this is who we were ment to be.
Me and You for eternity!

The World- To Chasity

The World_

The world holds so many priceless things.
The falling rain.
The wind that sings.
An oysters’ pearl.
Chasitys’ angel wings.
The world can be dreary and sad.
With storms up above and the lightning that flashed.
The Darkest nights.
The moon lit bright.
And stars that shine.
The world can be Beautiful and Happy.
The rainbows of colors.
The friendship of love.
And so pretty as a dove.
The world can be lonley and cold.
With ice storms so bold.
And no one to hold.
The world….
So many priceless things.

Martyrs for Jesus


If there ever came a time in life where a gun was pointed at your head

Would you be able to die for Jesus and not have any regrets?

Missionaries become martyrs every single day
If God told you to become a missionary, what would you have to say?

Stephen became a martyr in Acts 7:58
Where people started stoning him with crucifying hate.

You will get the crown of life
If this is the way you die.

It may be scary, freightening, and bad
But dying for Jesus, shows how much love you have.

Why we are friends-

Why we are friends_

Because… We smile.
Because… You understand just by looking into my eyes.
Because… We finish eachothers sentences.
Because… Being with you, I’m not afraid to be myself.
Because… I can tell you my deepest secrets.
Because… Everything we do together becomes a memory.
Because… We dont need to do something special to have fun, fun just happens.
Because… I dont need to explain anything, you just know.
Because… We tell eachother the truth, no matter how much it’s gonna hurt.
Because… You can make me laugh so hard that I cry.
Because… I can trust you with anything.
Because… You dry my tears.
Because… You love me for who I am, not for who i’m not.