Monthly Archives: February 2014

I’m not a cat!!

I’m sitting here, reading a book, and I’m eating a tiny turkey sandwich. My cat is sitting next to me. And I give her a tiny piece of turkey. I set it in front of her and all she does is smells it. She looks up at me. I pick up the turkey having her smell it some more, maybe she’ll eventually eat it. I ask her, “Do you want it? Hmmm?” She just stares at me. (Oh yeah, I’m talking to a cat.)
I pick up my sandwich and I show her that I have turkey too and I take a bite. “See, Zeva, I have turkey too.” She closes her eyes and off to sleep she goes.
Wow. I’m humiliated… Haha



Be strong!

Those of you who suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts you need to be strong. I’ve encountered a time of depression and suicidal thoughts but I believe at one point everybody does.
I just want all of you to know that you have a purpose and a reason here on earth. So don’t waste your life on foolish thoughts and actions!
Thinking these thoughts and actions are foolish and dangerous. I’ve had many, many family members that have almost killed themselves just because they hate theirselves.
I just wanted to tell anybody that reads this to let anybody you know that has depression to cheer them up and encourage them! Be strong!

A wintery, sleet ride home…

It was on February 2. And I was with my mom and my brother Brandon. (It was Brandon’s birthday.) We were on our way home from church. It was snowing and mushy and sleet was falling from the sky.
So on the way home we were going down a steep hill. (because no matter how I get home, we will have to go down a steep hill.)
We were on our way when we got stuck going home. We were slipping and sliding going down the hill. There are sharp curves and lots of trees.
Mom had to back up from the hill or else we probably would of crashed. Then we went into a driveway. We parked our car and got out. We were going to ask the people inside the house if we could leave our car there and have my dad and other brother, Kyle, to pick us up in his truck.
A lady opened up the front door she was super duper nice. She made me, my mom and Brandon some hot chocolate to drink. I was freezing. Only having on my sparkly slippers, a skirt, jacket and a shirt. I am so thankful for sweet, wonderful people. She was so nice and helped us out in a time of need. She also had a daughter that was named Chelsey. “Pay it forward”, she said. 🙂 So I shall!

Why I love my kitty! [Zeva]

• Her Meow.
• When she tilts her head.
• When she jumps super high to catch a treat.
• When she hides frome me.
• When she runs around like a crazy maniac.
• When her eyes turn huge.
• Her love of boxes.
• When she sleeps on my lap.
• When she sleeps on my neck.
• When she stands in front of the bathroom door after my shower, waiting on me.
• Her love of snack treats.
(One time she got her Friskies* snack out of the kitchen closet and tore open the bag to get the treats. I come home to find her treats everywhere. Haha!)
• When she meows at the back door till I come back inside.
• Her little belly.
• Her softness.
• When she hides behind something and peeks her head over so I can only see one eye.
• When she scratches her catnip scratcher. (It is so hilarious!)
• Her love of plastic bags.
• When the instant you put a piece of paper on the ground she comes over and sits on it then sleeps. (Try doing homework!! Haha!)
• When she sits on top of my schoolwork while I’m in the middle of it.
• When she’s sleeping you can do whatever you want to her and she doesn’t wake up.
• Her love of foil.
• Her love of candy trash. (I bet she has a stash of candy wrappers somewhere!!)
• How she loves to jump onto very tall places.
• How she can crawl into very tiny places.
• Her love of scarfs.
• When she puts her paw on my hand and brings it to her.
• I love how she is very unique.
• She’s the perfect cat for me.
• I love when she purrs just because I walk next to her.
• When she touches her nose on my nose.
• When she licks my hand when I pet her.
• Whenever I play my guitar she comes up next to me and listens then soon she’ll fall asleep.
• No matter how high the object, chair, table, etc, is Zeva will jump onto it just to look out the window.
• When she licks between her toes! (It’s so hilarious!)
• Every morning I wake up she’s right there next to me looking out the window.
• She will put one piece of cat food in her water bowl and play with it. (Water gets EVERYWHERE!)
•When she sticks her head under the fridge. 🙂