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Target! :)

Applying for a job at Target today. I pray that I get the job, if it is God’s Will. 🙂



Comfort =)

Comfort =)

♫ He knows my name. Every step that I take. Every move that I make. Every tear that I cry. ♫

My ‘Sister Best’! ;D


I broke down in tears last night at like 3:00-3:30 AM, and my ‘sister best’ was there to help me out. I, of course, still have a headache but she was there for me in ways that no one ever knows. She’s the only one who really knows how I’m feeling and what’s going on. I tried to hide the fact that I was crying, but she heard me. And she knew something was wrong. As I sit there in tears crying so hard, she just gave me a hug and helped me get through it. I am so blessed to have a best friend like her. Because when no one truly knows how I’m doing, when they think I’m doing just fine and dandy, my best friend truly knows that I’m not doing good at all. I fool everybody else with laughter, smiles and saying I’m okay, but I’m really not. I can’t tell you why God gave me someone like her to help me through my hardest times. But I do know that I couldn’t live without her. She is one of the greatest things that’s ever happened to me. And I thank God for her dearly! I hope you can say that you have a best friend that is always there for you. My best friend, Madeline, I’ve known her since we were babies. And as we have grown up, we’ve both made other friends as well, but she is someone who can never be replaced. 

When we were about 12,13 years old, we couldn’t wait till the age of 16. That age, we thought, was all about dating guys, driving, go out places, staying up later and all kinds of things. But now, were both 16 years old and it’s nothing what we thought it would be. Yes, it can be fun. But dreaming about guys and dating and marriage, we couldn’t wait! It’s not what we ever thought it would be. Crying last night, my sister was there for me. And that is something I don’t take for granted. You know, I could of broke down when I was by myself and then be alone. But I believe I was able to just let my tears out because I knew she was there for me. I love her. 🙂 She is my best friend. 🙂 And I never want to loose her!

She is my best friend that I call my sister and without her I don’t know where I’d be. She has changed my life in ways that only God knows. And I bet if God made us true sisters my mom wouldn’t know what to do with us! 😉 I love my best sister and I hope she stays in my life forever. 

A true friend

A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain, even when you are fooling everybody else. IMG_0465

Abraham Lincoln ;)

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.
-Abraham Lincoln


My Vegetarian Story

I became a vegetarian in November of 2012. I decided to become a vegetarian to first see if I could even do it. It was a split second decision which has lasted me to where I am right now. Which is funny because I became a vegetarian a couple days before Thanksgiving. I ended up eating a sweet potato and sweet potato casserole. Because my whole family are meat eaters! 

I began to learn more about vegetarians. I found out that there are different eating habits. Such as; Vegan, Vegetarian, and Flexitarian. I don’t regret becoming a vegetarian because I never really ate meat before. But I can honestly say the only thing I miss, as far as eating meat, is Deer meat. I LOVED deer meat, I could eat a ton of that stuff! 

Yes, It’s hard when you first become vegan or vegetarian because people will criticize you. That has happened to me since I became vegetarian. And it will never stop, because some people just can’t fathom the idea of not eating meat. You end up finding who your real supporters are in life when you change your eating habits like that. 

There’s a picture below and it shows you a plate of ravioli. This is my favorite meal! I love pasta! And being a vegetarian it sometimes can be hard to find easy meals. Well, this one is super simple. 🙂 


Being a Vegetarian…

vegetarian                          True…True.


Satan’s greates…

Satan’s greatest delight in regard to Christians is to see them defeated by their own weaknesses.

By; Tim LaHaye

In his book called, Spirit-Controlled Temperament.

Happy Happy Happy!! ;)

I feel like the happiest girl alive right now. Having my cousin, Jason, home and safe. I love him and I miss him. But Praise the Lord he’s home!! 🙂 Thank you, LORD!!!

I adore the fee…

I adore the feeling of being completely taken in by a book. When the tears of joy or sadness wet your cheeks. When you snort with laughter in a crowd and when you shout at the pages in anger. And getting weird looks for doing all these things! 🙂

All you book readers…. 😉 Haha