Do you ever go through a trial that feels too hard to bear?
Do you feel so lost and worried, that maybe He’s not there?
Do you want to feel His presence? Do you want to know He cares?
I may not know every answer, but I do know He’s always near!
He still loves you when you do wrong.
Don’t give up, just sing a gospel song.
We may ask ourselves, “Is God giving us a test?”
Then when God answers us, and what we hear isn’t what we want to believe He said.
We began to loose all our rest.
Then with more sleepless nights up ahead.
He tells us to stay in the Faith.
To never let the devil take His place.
But the devil may win, when we loose God’s grace.
But stay strong and be of a good courage. Just like in Joshua 1:6 (a)
God will fix your problems, you just have to ask.
So don’t give up when times are tough.
Don’t let the devil mentally beat you up.
You will go through a trial that will seem too hard to bear.
You will feel so lost and worried, wondering if He’s even here.
Yes, you will feel broken down, wanting someone there.
But don’t ever give up. You’re never alone. I’ve been where you are. I know how it feels.
But God is the only one who can truly heal.
And never forget, God is ALWAYS near.

Yes, Jesus loves you. He loves me too! It’s hard not to give up some days. To just let go of everything and give up on anything. But don’t! Giving up is something you will regret. It’s something I regret. Just how much more I could of served God if I never have gave up this year. I lead into a depression type feeling. Where I didn’t care about anything, anyone or what happened to me. I was lost mentally and insecure of my life. I hated it. So DON’T give up on your life! Jesus loves you. 🙂 I hope this poem will help you when you’re having a bad day, week, month or even years. I hope you trust God and know that He will get the glory out of the trials and troubles you have. You see, He’s the one that gave you those trials. So that He’s get the glory. Maybe what you’re going through IS a test. What are you going to do?
Give up and feel so worthless and depressed?
Or let it make a change in your life! Try to find the joy in those things. Try to see why God gave you that trial. Is He trying to make you see where you went wrong? Is He trying to tell you to stop what you’re doing? Or is He just trying to test you? To see if He wants YOU to be used in a way that is so incredible! To see if you have faith in him.
Just think about Abraham, in the Bible. God told Abraham to go up a mountain with his ONLY son. And have him as a sacrifice. Abraham didn’t question God. He didn’t say, “What? Ahh Haha, No way, Lord! He’s my ONLY son!” Abraham didn’t say that! He trusted God that whatever would happen, God would get the glory out of it. Do you remember what happened?
Isaiah, his son, asked him, “Where is the lamb for a burnt offering?”
And Abraham, having such an amazing faith in God, said, “God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering.”
When they get up the mountain, exactly where God told Abraham to go. He bounded his ONLY son on the altar. Then he stretched forth his hand and took the knife to kill his son. But then an angel came and told him, (Genesis 22:12) “And he said, Lay not thine hand upon the lad, neither do thou anything unto him, for now I know that thou fearest God, seeing thou hast not withheld thy son, thine only son from me.”
Then after that, there was a ram caught in the thickets by it’s horns. And that’s what Abraham used as a burnt offering. Abraham called that place, “Je-ho’vah-Ji’reh” Which means, “God will provide.”
And yes, God will provide! He always does and He always will!!
Abraham had such an amazing faith in God to slay his ONLY son. Just because God told him too. And then after many many years, he was able to lead the Israelite out of Egypt. God used Abraham in an incredible way. Just think if we have the same faith as he did, how God can use us! 🙂 Think about it!


About Mizzpiggikinz

I love reading, writing and typing. I hope my poems, stories and Bible readings, have an impact on your life. My God means more to me than the entire world, so I hope that you can feel the same way about Him too. I have some amazing stories that my God has given me to write. And I love Him and I love writing my poems, recipes and stories. As I read and write all about Jesus and read His Word. :) It's amazing! ♥

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