Raspberry Frozen Yogurt – Not Quite Jamie Style

Food Daydreaming

Firstly, I’m a little jealous of all these ice cream recipes and concoctions suddenly flying around. Yes, I know America celebrates ice cream month in July, but you know what? July is freezing for some parts of the world.

But I never give up my ice cream. Even in the middle of winter, when I eat it sitting in front of the heater. Also, my freezer is full and there’s no room to chill my ice cream bowl…

Secondly, this was Jamie Oliver’s dessert, or the third course, in this particular 30-Minute Meal. This may or may not be part of the reason why I chose to try out this three-course meal…

As per usual, some changes were made. Jamie made this with frozen mangos, which I was unable to find. He also used natural yogurt, which would have made this raspberry version extremely tart.

A very tasty and…

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I love reading, writing and typing. I hope my poems, stories and Bible readings, have an impact on your life. My God means more to me than the entire world, so I hope that you can feel the same way about Him too. I have some amazing stories that my God has given me to write. And I love Him and I love writing my poems, recipes and stories. As I read and write all about Jesus and read His Word. :) It's amazing! ♥

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