Beginning and inspirational journey in Mexico!

Beginning an inspirational journey as missionaries in Mexico;

This is an encouraging, true story that I read about in a book at my church school. So I wrote about them and what all they had to go through. It’s very encouraging. I hope you like it.

You may wonder, “What do missionaries even do?” Well and aquiline man named, John Beekman, stands as an example, an inspiration and a challenge!
John Beekman went to Moody Bible Institute. Where he later met Elaine Hummel. Since they both went to Moody Bible Institute, on Sundays they both went to their respective Christian work assignments and Moody Memorial Church. In 1943 was the date he was accepted by Moody Bible Institute. On Valentines day, 1946, John arrived at Elaine’s’ apartment with a corsage of violets and a dinner. Later that night John proposed to Elaine and they got engaged. They planned on August 8, that Thursday evening, to get married at Elaine’s home church.
In 1947, the Beekman’s began their inspirational journey as Missionaries in Mexico. Mrs. Beekman’s life verse was, Proverbs 3:5,6. “Trust In the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.”
They trusted God and knew God would take care of them. Things kept coming their way, but they kept trusting God and He kept blessing them!
On January 8th, the Beekaman’s learned that Elaine was pregnant! Their first child together and they were excited! On a hot, Monday afternoon in July, fair-haired Sharon arrived. There was one problem though.
Elaine’s blood was RH negative and Johns blood was positive. The doctor told them that they may have complications with a second pregnancy.
The second Monday morning after her birth, Sharon began crying. John tried to get a hold of a doctor, but for some reason he couldn’t. By late afternoon poor baby Sharon was still crying. Suddenly, the baby stopped breathing. John tried to do something but it was no help. When the doctor finally arrived about 6 P.M. it was already too late. An awkward silence hung in the air. John then got Elaine and pulled her close. And they prayed. They still trusted God love and God gave them comfort. Dr. Eugene Nida, told the Beekmans, “The Chol women loose many babies. You will be able to comfort them with the testimony of this experience.”
In my personal opinion, I believe God has a purpose in every trial he sends to us. So I believe God gave them this experience so Elaine could honestly understand the Chol women and help them the best way she could. By experiencing the same situation as them.
But the Beekmans were brave and never gave up! On May 11, Judy was born. She was 6 pounds and 13 ounces. Some complications came up with the negative and positive blood, but finally, ten days after birth Dr. Baker permitted the parents to take Judy home. But would have to take her in for check-ups 3 times a week. Many prayed and prayed! And Judy was okay. She became known as the ‘Miracle Baby.’ John became a dentist, doctor, pharmacist in his village. The village was called, Amado Nervo.
John went up to a village called, La Lucha. It’s a village of escaped murderers. John always knew to just trust the Lord. And he did! John stopped at each hut and explained the way of salvation in Chol language. One man began scraping his face with a blade. Which meant, “Go or else.” But yet he continued telling him about Christ.
John kept translating the New Testament. And Elaine translated Hymns. In 1948, about 800 Chols were counted as believers. The Chol church had a rapid growth! The reason was that John trained over 100 Chol preachers who gave weekends to evangelism.
John soon began having many heart pains and had to be taken to a heart specialist as soon as possible. John’s aortic valve wasn’t functioning. And that was the problem. Which means that some of the blood after leaving your left ventricle, regurgitates -flows backwards- into your heart. John needed to have heart surgery at the age of 36! So on October 11, 1955, John had the surgery. John soon became known for his ticking heart. The ticking came from the ball rising and falling with-in the artificial valve in rhythm with John’s heart beat and the movement of life-sustaining blood in his body. Elaine then said, “As long as he’s ticking, we know he’s alive!”
John soon needed 2 more surgeries years later. To replace the artificial heart valve to a defective one.
After living in Mexico for 25 years, Elaine had a boy named Tom and another boy named Gary.
Their goal was to have the scriptures in every tribal tongue by year 2000.
But on August 10, 1980, John Beekman died from swelling of an artery near his heart. Elaine still continued to work at Wycliffe International Linguistics Center. She edits translation work for the missionaries on the field. They both were encouraging missionaries in Mexico! 🙂


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