All about In-Line skating

In-Line Skating~

In-line skating is an activity where people glide over a surface on in-line skates, which are light weight boots with three-five wheels attached in a line under the foot.
In 1743 the first recorded use of roller-skates was in a London stage performance. The inventor is lost in History.
In 1760 the first recorded skate invention was by John Joseph Merlin. It was an inline skate with metal wheels.
In 1819 the first patented Roller-skate design, was in France by M. Petitbled. They were very difficult to skate in or do anything but move in a straight line.
In 1863 the four-wheeled turning roller-skate with four wheels side-by-side was first designed in New York by James Leonard Plimpton. The skate contained a rubber cushion that allowed the skater to skate a curve just by leaning to one side.. It was a huge success, so much that the first public skating rink was opened in 1866 in Newport, Rhode Island.
In 1876 the top stop was first patented. This provided skaters with the ability to stop promptly upon tipping the skate onto the toe. Toe stops are still used today, on most four wheeled side-by-side skates and on some inline skates.
In 1979 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Scott and Brennan Olson came across a pair of inline skates, created by the Chicago Roller-skate Company. A few years later Scott Olson began promoting the skates and launched the company Roller blade, Inc,.
During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s the Roller blade-branded skates became so successful that they inspired many other companies to create similar inline skates. The inline design became more popular than the traditional quad skates.
There’s many things needed to start before you begin roller-skating. First you need protective gear, such as; wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, but especially a helmet . Which can reduce from brain injury or even death.
There are many types of skates you are able to buy. There are Recreational skates. Recreational skates are most popular, because its the simplest and most modern skate. It has a soft boot construction. Which makes it lighter, more comfortable, and can make it more breathable. Recreational skates also have a number of different closure systems. Such as standard lacing and ratchet buckles. Its use is for simply going down a street in a neighborhood, a bike trail , or just to enjoy skating around for fun. If this is why you want to skate, then these are the skates for you!
Another type of skate is the Fitness skates. Modern fitness skates were originally designed for fitness training for ice hockey players. But today, fitness skates are designed specifically for those individuals who seek to utilize their skates for getting in shape, or skating very frequently. Fitness skates will typically have faster bearing and larger wheels to generate for lengthy skates. Additionally, skate weight is lower for this same reason. Fitness skating is a fast-paced, exciting activity that offers a lot more than your treadmill or yoga ball will. Fitness skating will generate little wear-and-tear on your joints and bones. Also, fitness skating can burn as many calories as running! If you plan on using your skates to get into shape, or taking fast adventures, then fitness skates are likely the best option for you.
And another skate is the racing inline skates. These skates are for the serious skater who is looking for competition. Racing skates are the fastest skate available, due to the use of advanced inline skating technology. The purpose is simple: To go fast! Racing skates are very lightweight. They also utilize a maximum of five wheels, with no break. The boots design is much like a shoe, with a soft boot, reinforced with carbon fiber. The cuff is lower cause a taller boot means more weight. The wheels are very large in diameter to give the racer more speed and better acceleration. If your looking for competition, to go fast , or to go crazy and have fun then these are the skates for you.
As you get more advanced in your skating you’ll soon be able to do tricks. There are many tricks that you are able to do in roller blades. There’s a crossover turn, its and advanced turning technique in which the left and right skates are crossed over each other for faster turns. And once you get that trick down , you can try to do it backwards!
Stair riding is also and extreme skating style. It takes the skater down a set of stairs.
These tricks would be more for the advanced skaters. When you first get your skates , you’ll first have to learn how to roller-skate forward. And after you mastered that, you can try to learn how to skate backwards. Because you cant launch off a half pipe or grind down a railing before you know how to skate down a sidewalk!
Before you inline skate for the first time, beginners should assess the skating surface for slight hills, small cracks, debris, water and oil. Skaters should avoid these obstacles because they can make the skater unexpectedly slip or slide. Beginners should also skate in a traffic-free area to avoid collisions with cars, bikes, pedestrians and other skaters.
Today there are the X Games, a sort of miniature Olympics for extreme sports. Athletes from around the world gather for this event to show just how extreme they can be. They compete to see who can grab the biggest air, hit highest speeds, and perform the most difficult stunts. The winner for each sport is given a gold medal and the title of “Most Extreme Athlete on the Planet.”
Jenny Curry was only 13 when she won the national inline skate series Women’s Street Championship in 1997. The following year she won the gold medal for Women’s Street Skating at the 1998 X Games, in San Diego.
There are two kinds of aggressive skating; “street” and “vert.” Street-style skating was developed by skaters who lived in the city and used the world around them as their playground. They would skate on curbs, steps, railings, benches, and other objects like an obstacle course. Street skating can be very dangerous, not only to the skater but also to ones who are walking, the cars driving and other sorts of things. That is why skating in the street or public places in illegal in many towns and cities. And vert skating gets its name from vertical (up and down) ramps.
I own Recreational inline skates and I love them. I do believe if you love to skate you can have an enjoyable time. Even if your a beginner or an advanced professional. It’s a fun, energetic, healthy way to get into shape! (;


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